Nov 5, 2009

Meeting Documents

(1) RTC/OC Meeting Agenda
(2) RTC/OC Meeting Participant List
(3) Speaker/Moderator bios

Session PowerPoint Presentations and Handouts

(3) Session 1 Government Superfund Priorities and Needs

  • Session Chair: Beth Anderson
  • Randall S. Wentsel EPA/ORD, Sally Perrault Darney EPA/ORD, Steve Jones ATSDR/DRO

(4) Session 2 Fostering Active Partnerships among SRPs, EPA and ATSDR (NC July workshop follow-up)

(5) Session 3 Innovative Approaches for Outreach

(6) Session 4  SF Site Remediation: Regional priorities, overcoming impediments, using SRP science

  • Session Chair: Steve Chillrud
  • Dan Walsh NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations, Marian Olsen EPA, Steve Jones  ATSDR/DRO, Monica Ramirez

RTC Posters

Other Resources

Contact Columbia’s Research Translation Core

**We welcome your comments**



  1. Sorry I haven’t checked this out lately–great to have. Thank you!

    Would you like our RTC poster from the Annual Meeting to add to the ones listed here?

    Hope all is well.


  2. Are many of you going to the PEPH meeting in NC the end of April?

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