Discussion Board

In preparation for the RTC portion of the SRP Annual Meeting, we the RTCs have the opportunity to decide what topics to cover in our working groups. Below are several topics that have come out of the initial planning for the meeting.

What to do:

    1.) Vote for your top 3 topics!
    2.) Or, suggest a new topic in the “Other” category.
    3.) And, if there is a topic you would like to lead, let us know by submitting a comment below!

If your favorite topic is not chosen to be a workgroup at the annual meeting, it may well be a good candidate for a monthly RTC phone call or it might become the theme of an SRP Cluster – on-going collaborations among RTCs and CECs across the Program.
(The topics marked with * are continuations of topics we covered in previous meetings.)



  1. Good selection of topics!

  2. Thank you for setting this up Brennan. Can we add “Research Translation and Community Engagement Clusters” to the list and include one vote (my vote) to that?

    • Hiram, thanks for your suggestion. But I wonderif you can expand on what you mean. All of the topics suggested can potentially be “clusters”.they will be working gorups at the meeting but have potential being clusters.

  3. The suggested topic of publication venues for RT/CEC may have been discussed at the PEPH meeting earlier this year. I did not attend.

  4. I just added an “other” topic: “Partnership/Collaboration projects with ORD and ATSDR”, butI don’t see that it’s added to the list for others to vote on too. Since very few people have voted so far, could it be added?

    • Hello – I’m planning to attend the November 2010 research translation session in Portland ORD. I’m EPA Region 10’s science liaison with ORD, (and not an NIEHS RTC) and look forward to networking with those of you interested in connecting with ORD in both its national and local research activities.

      • Roseanne-
        This is great! Glad that you are already linked to our RTC blog. We’re very interested in working more closely with EPA in general, and especially ORD.
        Looking forward to meeting you on Nov 10th!

  5. Hello,
    Thanks Brennan- very nice.

    I entered an ‘other’ topic suggestion-‘Developing an SRP identity within PEPH’

    just a thought

    • I think this is a great idea, Katie!

  6. Brennan-
    Would it be possible to add “Partnership/Collaboration projects with ORD and ATSDR” to the front voting page? I see it listed on the results page, but it doesn’t show my one vote for it.
    Thanks again!

  7. During the first year of our RTC, we have focused on “Providing Technical Training for Federal and State Regulators” and in “Initiating Partnerships with State Agencies.” I would be happy to lead a work group discussion, or discuss these efforts during a monthly conference call.

  8. Hi all! What a great poll. My only comment about the “GIS mapping tools” cluster is that my impression from earlier discussions was that the emphasis would be on “mapping tools” with GIS being one of them (along with google, I phone apps, crayons, etc.). I could be wrong, but my interest is in the broader category, so I voted with that assumption.

  9. Re: Presence at APHA for 2011

    With regard to achieving a presence at APHA for 2011: The overall scope of the program for 2011 will be decided at the business meetings for the relevant sections during the 2010 APHA annual meeting. The “Environment” section is probably the most relevant.

    So, to develop a presence for 2011, it would be helpful to have a proposal or at least a concept that could be presented at the business meetings on November 7-9. I am planning to attend, and perhaps others are as well.

    (The APHA annual meeting continues through the day selected for the meeting of the SRP Research Translation and Community Outreach Cores on November 10, so there is a conflict there.)

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